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Test and track your essential health markers.
All in one app.

15-minute appointments
Results within 2 working days
Easy sign up and booking
Track results over time
Tested by medical experts
Secured in-app data
15-minute appointments
Results within 2 working days
Easy sign up and booking
Track results over time
Tested by medical experts
Secured in-app data
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Your Aware Journey

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Download Aware

Available for iOS and Android. Become a member in 3 minutes.

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book an appointment

15 minute lab visit

Find your nearest lab and choose a convenient appointment.

Explore lab locations
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Receive your results within 2 working days

Your results breakdown will appear in the Aware App, alongside personalized health tips and nutrition guides.

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Track over time

Test again

Track your results as you optimize your health choices.

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what's included

Aware membership

179 €

2 Long-Term Health checks per year, including 44 health markers

Blood draws at our state-of-the-art labs

Optional add-on tests

Deep insights into your immune system, heart health, and more

Results within 2 working days, trackable in the Aware App

Connect with a doctor online to discuss your results

Personalized information, including nutrition guides and health tips

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You only live Once. Live Aware.

Comprehensive health checks. Tailored to you.


We’re here to answer your questions

Will insurance cover my test?

For now, neither public nor private German health insurance cover Aware health checks. But we’re working on it, so stay tuned.

How should I prepare for my health check?

It depends which one you’re taking. For detailed explanations about how to prepare for each type of test, check out our Magazine article.

Can I share my results with my doctor?

Keeping your doctor in the loop about your results is a great idea. All it takes is a few taps in the Aware App to share your results directly.

Check out our Magazine article for step-by-step instructions about how to share.

When will I receive my lab results?

We aim to get most test results back within 24 hours, but it can take up to 2 working days. 

Nutrition biomarkers can take a little longer to arrive as they require a slightly different lab process.

Didn't find what you were looking for?

Read more and get in touch at the Aware Help Center.

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