Better team health starts here

Empower your people to take charge of their health. With on-site check-ups, health app & virtual care.


Health checks as a benefit

  • Bring premium, preventative healthcare to your employees and invest in your team’s wellbeing.

  • Prevent health issues by detecting them early on, create peace of mind and reduce sick leaves.

  • Introduce on-site health days: Quick, convenient blood tests at your office plus health app and virtual care.

  • Create modern health benefits that employees will use, talk about, and love – at a price you can’t beat.

How does it work?

Aware app icon

Book online

Your team members download the app and book a slot. We handle everything else.

Get tested

Quick and easy blood test. We'll make you feel at home and set you at ease.

Receive results

All results in one app – quick, secure, easy to understand health insights. Within 1 day.

Consult a doctor

Discuss your results with a doctor online in detail and receive actionable advice for better health.


We look after your team health

Employee health is the cornerstone of your business. We can help your team thrive with regular health checks.

On-site employee health checks

We want to help keep your organization healthy and strong. That’s why we deliver premium healthcare to your door.

Our medical team will perform a comprehensive blood test in the comfort of your own office – combined with healthy snacks and advice. It’s unlike anything you know from a doctor's practice.

Within a day, your employees will receive their results in our health app. For more personalized recommendations, they can book a virtual consultation with a doctor.


You are in good company!

Trusted by leading companies all over Germany.

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Would you like to offer health checks to your employees?

Let us know about your company and we’ll get back to you shortly!

More questions? Ask away.

Feel free to contact our Operations team, we are happy to answer all your questions.

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