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I was tired of having to go through the standard procedure for health, which is often slow, unclear and very much bureaucratic. With Aware, I feel blood testing has finally entered the 21st century, all your data within the palm of your hand.

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The Aware experience was so easy and pleasant, it will really improve my quality of life. What used to be a stressful, time-consuming activity is now a quick, comfortable one. I love seeing my health progress over time in the app – it's intuitive & well-designed.

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I loved the Aware experience! Fast, user-friendly, accurate, and not at all comparable with the usual process, definitely recommended.

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I was impressed by how warm and friendly the staff was. I felt very comfortable, and they made me feel at home. I also loved the funny superhero bandaid they offered after the blood draw.

Portrait of a man

This was a great experience. I am a very data-driven person, and I love that the app stores all my existing blood tests and shows how values over time improve or decline. Really helpful stuff.

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Aware has been the missing element in my nutrition and fitness routine. I finally have data-driven insight into my health and can adjust my lifestyle accordingly. In an instant, I have all my test results in one place and can track my overall progress.

Portrait of a young man

Quick and easy. Booked an appointment in the app, checked in at the lab the next day, and had a great overall experience. What usually takes more than an hour, was done in 10 minutes. And I was excited to get the results within just 1 day.


I loved the Aware experience! Fast, user-friendly, accurate, and not at all comparable with the usual process, definitely recommended.


We're clinical about medical quality.

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You only live once.
 Live Aware.

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