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Unlock the power of
your health data

It all starts with a simple blood test.

Book an appointment
and visit our lab

We will make you feel at home and set you at ease.

Take control of
your health

Learn to understand the signals of your body with data-driven insights.

Get quick results – all
in one place

All your results in one app, quick, secure, and easy to share.

Monitor your health
over time and retest

Scan existing lab results to see trends over time, track your progress.

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Aware lab – Berlin Mitte

We are very excited to open our first location in the heart of the city in the spring of 2023. A space designed to help you achieve your optimal health and wellbeing.

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As a diabetic, regular blood tests are part of my life. The Aware experience was so easy and pleasant, it will really improve my quality of life. What used to be a stressful, time-consuming activity is now a quick, comfortable one. I love seeing my health progress over time in the app – it's intuitive & well-designed.




Aware has been the missing element in my nutrition and fitness routine. I finally have data-driven insight into my health and can adjust my lifestyle accordingly. In an instant, I have all my test results in one place and can track my overall progress.

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I have a thyroid condition that has to be checked twice a year. With aware, I found a great and convenient long-term solution to track my TSH levels. It’s much simpler to book this test on my own compared to making an appointment with my doctor or coming in for a lab slip.




I was tired of having to go through the standard procedure for health, which is often slow, unclear and very much bureaucratic. With Aware, I feel blood testing has finally entered the 21st century, all your data within the palm of your hand.

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This was a great experience. I am a very data-driven person, and I love that the app stores all my existing blood tests and shows how values over time improve or decline. Really helpful stuff.

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I was impressed by how warm and friendly the staff was. I felt very comfortable, and they made me feel at home. I also loved the funny superhero bandaid they offered after the blood draw.

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Quick and easy. Booked an appointment in the app, checked in at the lab the next day, and had a great overall experience. What usually takes more than an hour, was done in 10 minutes. And I was excited to get the results within just 1 day.

Carlos Miguel



I can’t believe a solution like Aware still wasn’t available yet in 2022. I've had my fair share of blood tests, but I always end up losing the results on a piece of paper. With Aware, I can easily access my health analytics and understand what's working and what's not, at the tip of my fingers.




I loved the Aware experience! Fast, user-friendly, accurate, and not at all comparable with the usual process, definitely recommended.


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