Staying healthy as a professional DJ — Eric’s Aware Journey

Techno artist Eric Cloutier shares how regular blood testing helps him keep his health on track while working in nightlife.

Profile: Eric Cloutier, 41

Hobbies: Running, watching horror movies, spending time with my wife and dog, and napping

Occupation: DJ/Producer

Health goals: Lower cholesterol and improve liver health

Following 2 family health scares, Berlin-based DJ Eric Cloutier was motivated to get a clearer picture of his overall health. He decided on an Aware Long-Term Health Check to get an in-depth look at what was going on inside his body. Read on to discover what he learned and how he finds balance while working as a DJ and producer.

Aware Journey

1. What has fueled your health journey up to now, and how has Aware helped you on this path?

After my father had a heart attack and my mother underwent triple-bypass surgery before having an almost deadly stroke, I felt it was time to think seriously about my health. I needed to address the elephant in the room: Genetically speaking, it’s unlikely that I have a stellar cardiovascular system. 

Both of my parents are much better now, by the way. My dad’s on top of his health and entirely quit smoking, and my mom made a full recovery. She’s really enjoying focusing on her art at the moment.

Health goals

2. Can you tell us a bit about your main health goals?

Besides my heart health concerns, I had kidney stones when I was only 24. That can lead to a tidal wave of renal problems down the road, so it’s something that I monitor regularly. But also, as someone working in an industry where alcohol, drugs, and partying for absurdly long hours are commonplace, I need a broad understanding of my body’s condition.

Keeping on top of my health isn’t just about sustaining my body, but also knowing that I can be there for the people I love.


3. What challenges have you come across on your health journey?

Back when I was an uninsured American living in New York City, I was afraid to even approach a doctor for fear of the enormous costs involved. But moving to Berlin and gaining access to quality health services that cost me next to nothing has changed everything. I’ve learned to embrace asking questions and getting to know what’s going on inside.

Lifestyle habits

4. What lifestyle habits or changes have you implemented to support your long-term health?

Once I found out that my cholesterol was very high, I started taking statins to bring it back down. I’ve also considerably lowered my alcohol intake, and I now monitor my vitamins across the board. I’m feeling much better and am far more comfortable with aging gracefully.

Health check

5. Did your first Aware health check test yield any surprising discoveries?

I was delighted to discover my cholesterol levels had dropped massively since starting my statin prescription. However, I also learned that my liver isn’t in the best shape. That showed me that I need to be a little more mindful of my indulgences when I’m DJing.

Health tips

6. Do you have any health tips or hacks you'd like to share with the Aware community?

Get informed. Your body is a temple, and you can only know so much without tests or a doctor’s insights – the rest is a mystery to most of us. So ask questions and get answers for the things you can’t see. 

Don’t be afraid to find your flaws.

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